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Izjed.com: Classifieds in Malta


Terms of Use


Izjed.com provides a collection of online resources, including a classified advertising forum. By using Izjed.com in any way, you are agreeing to comply with these Terms of Use. Should you object to any condition detailed in the Terms of Use, Izjed.com guidelines, or subsequent changes to the Terms of Use, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue the use of the services provided. Izjed.com has the right (but not the obligation) to strictly enforce the Terms of Use through active investigation, posting removal, account suspension, litigation and prosecution.


Izjed.com reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, alter or modify these terms and conditions of use at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon posting of the modified agreement. You must review this agreement regularly to remain aware of any changes made. Please find the most recent terms of use at:



Izjed.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any transactions resulting from an introduction by Izjed.com between a buyer and seller, or a renter and landlord, etc. Each entity or individual participates entirely at their own risk. Izjed.com provides guidelines for protecting against undesirable scams and maintaining safety when transacting with strangers. Please see this page.


The misuse of Izjed.com is prohibited, and may result in the de-listing of postings belonging to the involved account. Newly added classifieds which, during moderation, are determined to constitute a misuse of Izjed.com will not be approved for publication on Izjed.com. Such misuse may also lead to the suspension of the user's account. The determination of whether a misuse has occured is solely at the discretion of Izjed.com. The following all constitute examples of misuse:

i. Top-posting or any equivalent practice intended to promote or replace older ads at the top of listings

ii. Duplicate-posting or the posting of many ads promoting the same or similar items/entities/events.

iii. Requests made by spam-bots or any other automated requester intended to place high load on our servers or to create any other undesirable side-effect.

iv. Advertising of prostitution services or any other services deemed illegal under the laws of the country in which the advert is being displayed.

v. Multiple account creation: Izjed.com authorizes the creation of a single account per person or legal entity. The creation of multiple accounts each using a separate email address and the subsequent use of those multiple accounts to promote the same or similar items/entities/events is a misuse. All related accounts will be suspended, and all related adverts will be removed.

vi. Non-relevant ads: The creation of an ad which is not relevant to the category in which it appears is prohibited.

vii. Non-local ads: The creation of an ad which promotes a service/website not catering specifically to the country in which Izjed.com operates is prohibited.

viii. Unsolicited commercial marketing: The use of this site to solicit marketing for an undisclosed product, or a product/item other than that detailed in the classified in question is strictly prohibited. Likewise, responding to a third-party's classified advert with messages containing unsolicited marketing content is strictly prohibited.


Izjed.com reserves the right to present the information provided by users in such a way as to maximise visitor engagement with the online content. This may include requesting email address details prior to sending out contact details for a given advert, etc. etc.


The email addresses provided may, from time to time, be used to inform Izjed.com's user base about interesting new ads and services via a newsletter. You can opt out of these emails at any time by clicking the "Unsubcribe" link in the messages, or by sending a request email to contact@izjed.com.


Izjed.com reserves the right to make changes at any time to the suite of functionality provided. This may include the introduction of new feature(s), removal/modification of previous feature(s), modifications to the Terms and Conditions of Use, changes to the fee structure, and changes to the information requested of users of Izjed.com.

(Last updated on August 18th, 2012)