Izjed.com: Classifieds in Malta

Izjed.com: Classifieds in Malta
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About The Creator

Izjed.com was created by Andrew Bonello - a Maltese programmer who believes the power and openness of the internet can be put to use to make our everyday lives better.

Andrew was born in Malta. He grew up and received his education in the United Kingdom. For many years, he worked both there and in the United States as a professional software engineer in film special-effects, finance and web technology.

You can find out about Andrew's creative work by visiting his website, StasisFX.com. For more details of his skills and experience, visit Andrew's LinkedIn page.

In 2010, Andrew returned to Europe to found Izjed.com in his country of birth. He was also featured in a full interview with Vida Magazine here in Malta. Read more about his journey here.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about Izjed.com, please send Andrew an email.